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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully.

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of the Quotation (fixed cost) or Estimate (costing where there are items clearly highlighted and agreed as a contingency sum / To Be Confirmed) means that the Client has read and understood the terms and conditions set out below. Any queries should be clarified before the job specification and associated costings (referred to here as The Contract) are accepted and The Works (the work referred to in The Contract) have begun.

All Contracts must be confirmed in writing before work commences. Email confirmation is acceptable but there should be reference to date, quote number/ref, and a statement of acceptance of the terms and conditions herein, in order that the Contract is legally binding.

No liability can be accepted for alterations to the works as shown in the Contract, unless agreed in writing.

A charge will be made for any additional works carried out, on instruction from the Client, and not specified in the Contract. Additional labour will be charged by the hour. Additional materials shall be quoted for and agreed to before these added works are undertaken.

We ask that the Client ensures there is adequate access to the Site e.g. that all vehicles and other obstacles are removed, that gates, doorways and passageways are clear of obstruction and unlocked, that neighbours are notified where access is required to carry out the work. We also request that all dog mess be cleared from the Site, if the works cannot be carried out the team will leave the site and you may still be charged.

The Client should inform Greenlife Services LTD regarding any springs, flooding, rock, mine workings, covered wells or other cavities, running sand, service pipes and cables, sewage or land drains, foundations and sub-structures of former buildings or other hazards or obstructions except those which are reasonably apparent by inspection of the site prior to the date of the Contract. A full site survey can be carried out by Greenlife Services LTD before commencing works and this should be requested in writing.

Should additional work arise due to unknown or undisclosed structures such as those outlined in clause 6 above, then Greenlife Services LTD may be required to add additional labour to the project or extend the project timelines. This will impact the costs associated with the project which will be reviewed and agreed with the client before proceeding further.

The Client needs to ensure they have obtained all permissions, given all notices and paid all fees required under any regulation or bylaw of any local authority/statutory undertaker/other authority having any jurisdiction regarding the Works unless request has by made to Greenlife Services LTD to carry this out on your/the client’s behalf. You/the Client shall indemnify Greenlife Services LTD against any claim/proceedings/loss or expense resulting from you/the Client failing to gain permissions/give notices/pay fees required in whole or in part. Greenlife Services LTD will agree with the client, where appropriate, permissions that they will seek on behalf of the Client.

We ask for parking permits or parking costs for vehicles attending the job site in connection with The Works and these costs will be charged in addition to the Contract sum, on completion of The Works.

Our terms of trading:

Landscaping: Jobs estimated at £1200 or more, will require a deposit. Accepted forms of payment include cash, bank transfer or card machine pay. The deposit will be due before the project start date, with the balance payable on fulfilment of The Contract. Invoicing and payment for any additional costs agreed will take place at an appropriate stage of The Works – to be agreed between you/the client and Greenlife Services LTD.

Garden design and Planting plans. Garden design costs are charged for as per the individual project and the agreed design fee is to be paid in full before commencement of work. Separate terms and conditions are provided specific to our Design service.

Greenlife Services LTD shall have lien on all goods and materials remaining on site until full payment of all monies have been made. The company shall have free access to enter the site to remove such goods and materials.

Greenlife Services LTD hereby excludes liability to the Client for any loss, cost or damage of any kind arising out of or because of its failure to perform or complete the Works by reason of matters beyond Greenlife Services LTD control and which it could not have reasonably foreseen at the date of the Contract.

Any concerns or complaints after the Works have been finished should be given to Greenlife Services LTD within 7 days of completion of Works.

Greenlife Services LTD cannot accept liability for any defects to the Works caused by summer drought, landslip, tree root damage, water deprivation and severe weather conditions.

Greenlife Services LTD cannot accept responsibility for damage to local statutory services i.e., gas, electrical cables, water, and drainage as notice should have been given on their locations prior to work commencing.

Greenlife Services LTD will agree appropriate material and installation guarantees for specific Works at yours/the client’s request. However, we do not have a standard set of terms of guarantee due to the nature our work.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issue only.

Prior to our scheduled service date, we ask the property owner to remove all pet waste from the property. Greenlife Services LTD will not perform services until the waste has been removed.

From time to time Greenlife Services LTD reserves the right to change your scheduled service date due to weather conditions and any other unforeseen circumstances.

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